Five 2022 Web Development Trends We Believe in

Five 2022 Web Development Trends We Believe in

Wireframing is an important part of a web designer’s job.

1. Scrollytelling

A strong number one for us must be this delightful term – scrollytelling. According to Elementor, it refers to a series of visual elements that are sequenced together and organised in a way that meets the reader on their own turf. Websites that use this form of design composition allow the reader to take in the information in their own way and time, making this a very relevant strategy for UX design. Not only is scrollytelling a scrumptious word that rolls off the tongue, but it also puts the user’s needs first, which we love.

2. AI

3. Inclusivity in Design

We know accessibility is an important part of the design process and has been a point of focus for some time. But we are seeing a development of the term into a wider term – inclusivity. Design for everyone. It affects how we consider the target audience for which we are designing, their views, ideas, genders, and many other factors. It goes far beyond simply making sure your font is readable and that your colours pop. It affects the images you choose, the words, illustrations, symbols – you name it. We believe 2022 will bring an even deeper understanding of inclusivity and force us out of our narrow-mindedness. (About time if you ask us!)

4. Horizontal Scrolling

Horizontal scrolling isn’t exactly ground-breaking. We have seen the way banners change horizontally, and a few other examples. But it is becoming an increasingly popular design navigation method that can lead to pleasant and fluid user experiences. It’s like taking a walk, really. We move forward, not downward, don’t we? Horizontal scrolling takes us for a stroll through the website content, and we’re loving it!

5. Mobile-Friendliness

Web development – a world of change

Web development is like a runaway train. A stampede of visual and usability delights. If we don’t work to keep up, we can easily fall behind and get trampled or be left standing on the platform. It’s fascinating and scary at the same time. But truth be told, we don’t have to catch on to every trend that comes along. Simply being aware of the possibilities and ideas that are out there will give us the tools to decide for ourselves and create a powerful, delightful design that is playful, versatile, and practical – for everyone.  

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