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So you’ve got your content. You’ve got your documents, your copy, blog posts, and newsletters. Awesome! Now, don’t you want to reach the eyes and ears of those far-away markets? Of course, you do! So, who do you go to? Come on, you know the answer to this …

Who do you think gave you the delicious, hunky God of Thunder?

That’s right …

The Nordics have provided a lot of great stuff. And as loving and trustworthy as we are, we want to share our bounty with the world! OK, the Vikings weren’t all that well behaved. But what we really did was travel. And since no one spoke our language, we had to learn theirs.

We provide top-quality translation, localisation and transcription in an array of languages, to some of the largest brands in the world. Get with us, and gain access to

More than 100 languages

Hundreds of hand-picked, trained linguists

TMs, termbases and style guides galore!

Professional experience in your industry

Extremely fast delivery

We’re rearing to go, just drop us a line and we’ll tell you more!

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