The Secret to Writing Really Good Ads

The Secret to Writing Really Good Ads

Writing good ads may seem like a daunting task. You want to make sure you get value for your money and not just waste it on ads that don’t work. But I will let you in on the secret to writing those great ads. The truth is that we don’t like reading too much. As a writer, it has taken me a while to come to terms with this realisation. We also seem to like being bossed around. Or at least be shepherded to the goal without having to think too much. And if the shepherd is also someone who we feel we can trust, lead the way! We like excitement, something shiny and pretty. Advertising is nothing if not a play on our human minds. And then there’s the sense of urgency. All these points come together to form a great ad that performs the way we want it to and gives us bang for our buck.

Marketers must also keep on top of their running ads. Firstly, ads have a certain shelf life. What constitutes a great ad today, isn’t necessarily the case in six months. We also have to try out lots of different ads. We test them, check our numbers and then try to figure out why one ad is blowing our socks off while the other is lying in the corner like yesterday’s smelly tennis socks (you know you wear them too, don’t even). And the truth is, we don’t always find out why. All we can do is try to create another ad that performs just as well. Try, test, measure results, and try again.

But there are a few pointers we can follow to shepherd us to ad writing glory:

  • Follow the rules – each platform has its own set of rules. If you don’t follow them, your ad will probably be denied. Get to know the platform you are writing for.
  • Put yourself in your audience’s shoes – what do they need from you? How do you want to communicate with them?
  • Get your bossiness on – or at least that gentle nudge. Entice your reader to take action. CTA’s (call to action) should always be part of your ad.
  • Don’t mess about – be specific and direct in what you want to say to your audience. Google Ads have character limitations for example. And we don’t like too much noise.
  • Use keywords – I would suggest doing some thorough keyword research. There are many good articles and tools out there to help you. Google’s Keyword Planner is quite good.
  • Watch your language – swearing will get you kicked out and sent to the Principal’s office.
  • Testing, testing – trial and error is key. Don’t lose your nerve if your ads fail. Try to change them up a little and do some reading. Can you find out why they are failing?
  • Check out ad libraries – huge brands that slay at ad performance are a great source of inspiration. Did you know that Facebook has its own ad library, for instance?
  • Share your wisdom – we are huge fans of sharing knowledge here at Textera. Have you figured something out that really boosted your ads? I’ll bet you have a friend who is struggling to market their business. Lend a friendly helping hand 😊

If you don’t feel like taking on this endeavour yourself, we at Textera are more than happy to help. At Textera we are a team of translators, writers, and content creators who love a good challenge. We are Scandi-based with the will and determination of the Vikings.

And we do not back down. We conquer.

Get in touch with Textera for content made in the proper Nordic spirit!

See? Call to action. Nailed it.

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