What is User-Generated Content?

What is User-Generated Content?

By Hanne Gunnarsson, Textera CEO, April 2021

User-Generated Content, or UGC, is rapidly becoming a preferred method of advertising towards the consumer market. It allows us to connect with our audience on a more personal level, putting us face-to-face with the very people we want to sell to. It is a very honest form of marketing, and it is clear to us that it is working. Our clients keep coming back for more, our database of content creators is rapidly growing in many languages – we can hardly keep up!

So, what is it really about?

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook have been filled to the brim with models, actors, and influencers, airbrushed to perfection and voicing out perfect manuscripts created to excite consumers and entice us to buy their products. And our weary eyes scroll past it all, our hearts and self-esteem sinking. And then we see it. A woman, not old, not young, not perfect. Just a normal woman, peering into her mirror and dabbing her cheek with a skincare or makeup product that she hasn’t tried before. In front of her smartphone camera. We see her genuine reaction. The wrinkles around her eyes as she breaks into a smile. This makes us smile. It makes us react! And from there…result.

We have been bombarded with so much perfection that we are simply over it. We want real, we want natural, and we want relatable. That’s what UGC is. Marketing made for your brand by your own consumers! A stroke of genius, right?

Let’s break it down:

  1. You get in touch with Textera, because you want real content.
  2. We touch base with you to determine exactly what you want and how you want to market your brand – key selling points, image, languages, etc.
  3. Content creation – We dive into our pool of content creators to find just the right fit. Our creators try out your products and create videos and images for you.
  4. Design and delivery – We do any required design work (you decide if you want raw or designed material), transcribe the videos, and send the material to you.
  5. Magic happens – you post your content where you want it and reap the benefits.

Don’t worry about anything else. We make contracts are in place with our content creators, etc. You are free to use your content as many times as you like! Any other issues are handled by us, and you only need to worry about following the rules for the platform you use.

It really is quite easy! We offer monthly plans, so you don’t have to worry about missing out on any content. You can also get one-time deliveries and test runs. Working very closely with our clients helps us ensure you get exactly what you need to achieve your results.

Why not give us a shot? We are ready to go! Mention the code TRYTEXTERA21 when you contact us, and we will offer you a special test-run price.

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